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Once in a Blue Moon

Hope & Prey

"You can pick up your blonde now"
Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots are woken up in the middle of the night and brought before a T-Board, to determine which of them is helping Jarod. Their interrogators? Mr. Raines and Brigitte.  During the interrogation, Brigitte recieves a call (on a cell phone which she liberated from Sydney) from a man named Argyle, who is willing to sell Jarod back to the Centre. Brigitte leaves the T-Board to go pick up Jarod, resulting in our first Brigitte/Jarod scenes. Very interesting interplay between the two of them, but again Brigitte underestimates her quarry.
Note: in this episode, Willie, one of two sweepers who usually works with Miss Parker, is one of the two with Brigitte.

Toy Surprise
"That's the problem with you Parkers, you never finish anything!"
In an attempt to assassinate Mr. Parker, Brigitte locks down the Centre, kills Miss Parker's new sweeper and sets a distance-trigger on the Centre's roof, ready to activate a bomb on Mr. Parker's helicopter.  However, Miss Parker, Broots, Sydney and Dr. Raines are still inside the building.  Miss Parker races to save her father's life. Brigitte wins round one by shooting Miss Parker in the arm, but after a rooftop no-holds-barred fight, Miss Parker triumphs barely in time.
Note: Although Miss Parker & company are unaware of this, Brigitte is not working on her own. We see her on the phone to someone else, confirming that the plan is in motion.

Nip and Tuck
Brigitte:"And they said you weren't a bitch."
Miss Parker:"They were being nice"

Broots gets the feeling that he is being watched. This is confirmed when someone sends photographs of him at the zoo with Debbie.  When someone shoots at Broots as he is entering his house, Angelo saves his life.  Miss Parker uses Angelo to find out who the shooter was and he sneezes, just like Brigitte, who has a cold. Cut to an excellently-choreographed confrontation between Brigitte and Miss Parker. Brigitte hints that Mr. Raines authorised her attack on Broots, and also reveals that she didn't take any photographs.

Over the Edge
Members of the Centre staff, including Broots, Sydney and Miss Parker are being interrogated by a psychologist to determine which of them shot Mr. Raines last season. Miss Parker discovers a camera on the psychologist's tie-clip and as she delivers the line "If I'd shot you, you'd be dead.", we see Raines and Brigitte watching the proceedings. Brigitte is petting Mr Raines' ears. (All together now.. eurrgh!)

Scott Free
"You can relax your prostates now boys, Blondie's gonna bust a G-string when... what?"
Jarod wants to know who "Blondie" is. Brigitte's plan to capture Jarod is given precedence over Miss Parker's ideas.  Miss Parker utters the now-famous "Blondie's gonna bust a G-string".. in Brigitte's hearing. Brigitte and Mr. Lyle underestimate Jarod and he traps them instead.

Back From the Dead Again
"What am I, in the Twighlight Zone?"
Mr. Lyle introduces Brigitte, a Cleaner brought in from the London office to help catch Jarod.  Miss Parker is instructed to cooperate with her.  She has reports on Jarod's latest lair before Miss Parker, and Miss Parker finds Brigitte coming out of her office. A great Broots-Brigitte scene leaves Broots trembling, not only from her agressive/sexual attitude, but from the fact that she quoted something he said while he was in Mexico checking out Jarod's last lair. In short, Brigitte = TROUBLE.