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Mailing list owned by Pat "wu" Moss, dedicated to the discussion of "The Pretender".

     To subscribe via the web: Point your web browser to, and fill out the form. This page also
     has past posts to the list.

     To subscribe via E-Mail: Send mail to with the first line of the message
     being "subscribe 'list'". You will get confirmation by E-Mail that you are subscribed.

     Sample E-Mail:

     Subject: none

     subscribe pretender

     If you subscribed via the web, go back to the web page and fill out the form as you did
     before, but select "unsubscribe" instead of "subscribe". Hit the button at the bottom and wait
     for your confirmation.
     If you subscribed via E-Mail, send mail to with the message
     "unsubscribe 'list'". You will get confirmation by E-Mail that you have been

     Sample unsubscription E-Mail:

     Subject: none

     unsubscribe pretender


 * If you're looking for a digest version of the list you'll want to subscribe to pretender-digest instead of  pretender.

* If  you want to subscribe an email address other than the one you're using, the command would be
    subscribe pretender <the other addreess>

* If you stop getting mail or think you're missing messages, you can check to see if you're still subscribed by sending mail to with the command "which".

    The last 150 messages are stored at  (This hasn't been updated in months, and I'm not sure why)